VI Student Biotournament

September 26 – 27, 2019

Science city of Pushchino

What is Biotournament?

  • Biotournament is the first in Russia team competition for biology students.
  • Scientific fights, hot polemics, original solutions.
  • A special atmosphere of team spirit and rivalry.
  • Interesting, real scientific problems directly from research laboratories.
  • The event is held on the basis of the institutes of the Pushchino Scientific Center, with the work of which you can get acquainted during the Biotournament!

         How to participate?

Student teams from 3 to 5 people can take part in the Biotournament. To participate in the intramural stage of the tournament, which will be held 26-27 September, you have to send a request until 15 September. For more information on holding the extramural stage, see Regulations_2018.

The expert commission will determine the winners who will receive the title of the BEST BIOLOGICAL TEAM!

It is you who will help science to take a step forward!