Dear colleagues, we invite you to become authors of Problems, on the solution of which students’ teams from all over the world could fight.

How to come up with a Problem?

It’s very simple! Have you been interested in some unusual unexplored phenomenon for a long time? Do you fight over any scientific or practical problem? All this can be a topic for the Biotournament problem.

The main requirement is that a particular scientific, research or technological problem is not solved at the moment or has significant imperfections of existing approaches.

So, if the idea for the Problem is formulated, then you can send it to us at the address of the organizing committee – The scientific committee of Bioturnament will work on it to formulate the Problem on the basis of the idea proposed by you.

Each formulation of the Problem may consist of:

  • The introductory part, which contains an introduction to the problem
  • The limiting part, which describes the absence of any solutions or shortcomings of existing solutions
  • The question itself that suggests improving / creating a new solution

We are waiting for your ideas and are always ready to answer all your questions!


Create a Bio tournament together!

If YOU are a student or a graduate, a young scientist, then by April 1 (inclusive), OFFER YOUR PROBLEM for solving by the teams. At the end of the tournament, the teams will determine the most interesting Problem, the author of which will be awarded a valuable prize.